Fixing My Achy Back Issues – Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Review

Back Pain From Sleeping? Me Too!

back pain sucks

As I have gotten older, I have begun to get some back pain from normal activities like sitting in the same place too long, standing in the same place too long and sleeping. Yes, sleeping! Kind of crazy, right? Well, while there is nothing that I can do about being confined into a tiny seat on a long plane ride, I knew that I could take action and work on my back pain from my mattress.

I read somewhere once that you are supposed to change out your mattress every 10 years, so I knew that wasn’t my problem as I’d been changing mine every 3-5 years due to frequent cross country moves. So, that meant that the problem was the mattress itself. I thought that was good news because it meant that it was something that I had complete control over.

I’d like to share with you the mattresses that I went through before I ended up with one that leaves me pain-free in the mornings. Keep reading if you’re interested in my story.

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First Mattress Failure: Plush Firm Eurotop by Simmons Beautyrest

firm but with a soft, plush top

A few years ago, I had just moved across the country from California and wanted to get started right away on getting a new bed for my apartment. Lucky for me (but not my wallet), I had a brand new store credit card for JCPenney with a $1400 credit limit. So, off to the mall I went to try out all the available options.

I spent probably an hour in that department before deciding on a Simmons Beautyrest option. I got the Plush Firm Eurotop by Simmons Beautyrest in queen size for $1200 – and it took a week to get delivered!

It really seemed like the Plush Firm Eurotop by Simmons Beautyrest was the best option in the store. It is supposed to have back support and a foam piece that conforms to the shape of your body so that you do not get a bad case of the aches when you wake up.

For the first few weeks or months, it actually wasn’t that terrible. The problem started when that body molding foam just kept leaving a bigger and bigger dip in the mattress. End result? Back pain came back with a vengeance when using the Plush Firm Eurotop by Simmons Beautyrest.

Next Product: Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

a cheaper version of a Tempur Pedic!

I really wanted to upgrade to a Tempurpedic model, but I just could not justify the price. When I checked, it was going to be $3,000 just for the mattress! Can you believe that? So, I decided to see if I could find any comparable knock-offs at a lower price.

I ended up coming across one with great reviews that I got for just $650 at the time (cheaper now). It is the Sleep Innovations brand.

I actually really enjoyed this Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Orthopedic model. It is definitely firm, but not like those memory foam pillows that you can get at Brookstone. It is a little softer than that. My big issue with it is that it sometimes holds in body heat, which makes for very warm nights. And I cannot sleep when I am too hot. Plus, it was just a wee bit on the firm side for me. It resulted in back pain every so often, but nothing like in the past. Definite improvement over previous one that I had in terms of back pain relief after sleeping.

I still own this Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Orthopedic model, but I have it in the guest room now.

The Winner: Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

I finally ended up finding the dream product that I had been looking for all these years when I ordered this one.

What is really cool about this company, is that the thing is made to order just for you! Seriously. You will get a phone call after you order asking you how firm you want the Ultimate Dreams Latex product. Don’t worry if you’re not sure cause the CSR can tell you where to find the mattress in local stores so that you can test it out (but it is cheaper online!).

This Ultimate Dreams Latex model is quite comparable to the Tempur Pedic and the Sleep Innovations options – only better! And I got it for around $600, which is a nice deal if you ask me.

And I love that it is hypoallergenic cause I have some pretty bad allergies. So that is definitely a big plush for me. And guess what – I’ve had ZERO back pain after a little over a year sleeping on this one. I prefer it to the Sleep Innovations as I was able to get this one a wee bit softer and it does not have the heat issues when I’m sleeping. Definitely recommend it to sufferers of sleeping pain in the back.

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Warranty and Other Features

I think it is worth noting that this Dreamfoam Bedding product is completely 100 percent made in the USA. That means nothing from China. That means that buying this product is great for our economy!

The Dreamfoam Bedding product comes with a 10 year warranty, but I’m not sure how that actually works out if you need to use it.

One of the big pluses of this is that shipping is totally free! And, it ships from Phoenix in just 2 days after your order. MUCH quicker than local bedding shops.

Germophobes will also enjoy that it is antimicrobial and resistant to dust-mites. It also has a bamboo cover, which is kinda cool.

Have You Found The Perfect Bed Yet?

Let me know if you have tried out any of the memory foam options and which one has worked out the best for you. You can leave your own mini review in the comments section here if you want. Thank you for reading!

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