Getting Properly Geared Up For Deer Hunting Season

Hunting season is a big time for many families, and deer hunting season in many places is perhaps the biggest one of them all. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a major hunting season, and you want to make sure you’re properly geared up before you spend 8, 10, or even 12 hours out in the wild. Even missing out on a couple simple pieces of gear can turn what should be a fun day into a hard march forward.

Proper Clothing
Proper clothing is a huge deal with deer hunting season. Are you hunting in the Midwest when deer season coincides with winter – and often extremely cold temperatures throughout the day? You want to make sure that you are properly layered up. This includes extra socks, workable gloves, and whatever layers you need to make sure the cold doesn’t settle in. Don’t forget, you’ll be outside for a long time – so don’t underestimate what you’ll need.

How Are You Hunting?

Are you bow hunting or using a gun? That makes a major difference in figuring out what gear you need. In addition to your preferred hunting weapon of choice, you also will want a quality knife, if not more than one. Knives are always handy tools out in the wild. You never know how you have to handle cutting and skinning, especially if the shot wasn’t clean and time is an issue. Pack additional gear accordingly to properly handle the situation.

What’s The Environment?
If you’re in the South you may want bug repellent, decoys, and scent covers that can not only mask you, but the mosquito repellent, as well. If you’re up north the biggest concern is staying warm, and having the equipment needed to possibly move through rough terrain, especially if you need to cover miles going through snow.

You’re going to be out there a long time. Water is important, and when you’re exerting yourself for 12 hours it is easy to overlook but something you still need to account for in some way, shape, or form.

Your Checklist
Nothing helps you prepare like a comprehensive list. Come back to it each season to see what you have ready already and what you might be forgetting. A great checklist should never be overlooked and if you don’t have one, you can print one off or make your own you can keep adjusting over time.

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